Geenea was born in 2012, founded by Emilio Disar . It is a biotechnology company focused on the world of agriculture, health and the environment. The analysis, study and products offered are aimed at the world of agricultural production, consumers and specialists committed to safeguarding the healthiness of the food supply chains and the environment around us.


Geenea is present throughout Europe through a network of capillary distributors. The production plant is in Sindos, (Thessaloniki) in Greece.


In almost 10 years Geenea has created and developed tools aimed at the 360 protection of the plant and animal world with revolutionary products and technologies. Our mission is to allow you to grow healthy and wholesome plants without the aid of chemical inputs. Geenea puts the health of the consumer first of all without any kind of compromise. By combining customer needs with interaction with nature, the company offers custom solutions and professional lines with zero residue. Through research, development and innovation, it strives every day to create new products and improve itself in order to always be one step ahead of everyone.


The results obtained are the combination of the most advanced bio-technological research applied by our team of agronomists in direct contact with production companies around the world. Geenea aims to help agricultural productions, consumers and science communicators to obtain healthy, wholesome plants through the use of products that are safe for the consumer, user and the environment, with zero environmental impact, cruelty Free, GMO Free, Vegan friendly.

A completely different paradigm from the chemical standards used today.